Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Preppy Gator

So it's no secret that I am in love with stationary! Its one of those things you love to hate, because all the cute stuff is always the expensive stuff.....and leave it to me to find it! But it's so worth it, even if it only stays in my friends hands for a brief minute before it gets tossed... I love the joy of opening a beautiful thank you. I'm still old fashioned and send as many thank you notes as I can. So now it's Jackson's turn, and while beautiful will describe my little handsome man, I'm certain that damask monogram thank yous wouldn't be his cup of tea. Plus remember I've already gotten away with the "gay-gays" so I better not push the envelope :) So while going through my junk email I came across the cutest children stationary. If you have seen the Broadway musical Drowsy Chaperone... I did the Adolpho "aaaaaaaWhaaaaaaaaaat" when I saw that there is kids stationary!? Well duh of course there would be, and of course I would find it! AND of course the title would be "preppy alligator" and "preppy whale". So I won't share my final indulgence of choice, since many of you will be getting a thank you sooner or later. What I will share is what one preppy alligator/ whale looks like....and yes I still had to use monogram :)
With Love,
The Mom of one little spoiled Gator!


Maple said...

So cute!! I love the whale :)

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

I love blue and green together on crisp white! Very nice.

Averill said...

Loved your thank you note -- too cute!