Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010 - via Video

Grandpa - Here are a few videos of Jacks Christmas for you  :)

Here is a video of him, waking up on Christmas, he was still really tired as you can see, ha!

I love how I was so excited by this car, Jack was at first scared (prob by my laugh), but then he warmed up to it and now is playing with it all over the house! 

He loves his new bike and is scootin all over the house in it!


Christmas 2010 - via Pictures

Christmas is my favorite time of year, I love the family, the food and time off from work! This year we decided to do present opening on Christmas Eve at our house and then do family lunch/dinner on Christmas Day at Aunt Stacy & Uncle Joe's house. This worked out really well, especially since Jack was not feeling well and he wasn't really understanding the concept of present opening. I'm certain next year we will have to do Christmas morning to open our presents with him because he will be all about Santa! It was nice to have broken it up on two days! Double the fun, family and food!

Here are pictures from Christmas Eve, we tried to do a 2 present per person max, but I think we all failed miserably! While we don't need anything, it was so fun to see how thoughtful and creative everyone was! I'm happy to say that everything,well most everything has either found a home or is in the washer! What a nice feeling to go into the week! We even packed up some of Jacks old toys and replenished his toy shelves with all new wonderful gifts. Thank you to everyone in our family and our dear friends who constantly amaze us with the generosity! It's for sure not about the gifts, but I think we all have so much fun through the year finding the perfect something for each other. Looking forward to next year!

 Nelvi embellished my pjs and I loooooved them!
  Oh dear, so many!!
 Not sure about all this, but his Christmas pjs are just so sweet!
 Grandpa Strehlow & Jack

 Kevin got awesome clothes for golfing which he can ALWAYS use!
 Angry Birds is a game app for the ipad, and Kevin nor I have been able to stop playing it! We love the iPad!

 This car is so much fun, you shake it and it zoooooooms across the floor!
 What a neat gift...its a vinyl play area that has OUR neighborhood as the streets, so he can play with the cars on our street.
 Loved Mickey!
 A new super doooper cool bike, we got a video that we are uploading now :)
 He got LOTS of puzzles and educational games, which he was mastering right as he opened them!
So smart :)
  His new mini wagon that he can carry his new toys in
 Wowzers look at that mess, but we got it all cleaned up and we all went to bed with smiles on our faces!

oh and the toy room is happy, it has all new toys! Thanks again everyone!
Here we are on Christmas afternoon getting ready to to head over to Kevin's sisters house. 

 Gran & Mimi with Jack, so pretty!
 He loooooved these little animated Santas they had in the window

Grandpa King we wish you could have been here but I'm going to upload some video so you can see some of the fun we had. We love you and hope you are feeling better soon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Program BMWS - Toddler

Here is the video of Jack's performance with all the different toddler classes. Mrs. Donna, his teacher, said that they practiced so well but when they saw all of these people in the crowd they got distracted! He did ring his bell one time though :) ha! It was so exciting to be there and I'm so proud of his class!

Here is another video of us making a gingerbread house, but Jack kept eating the fruit loops instead of putting them on the house :)


No Bath

Someone didn't want to take a bath and he let us know!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mr. Christmas Cool

Target $1 bin is the best for fun holiday wear, Mimi and I were out shopping and we picked up these funny glasses. I gave them to Jack today and he loves them! Such a ham!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bethany Methodist Weekday School Holiday Program 2010

We were so thrilled with the program put on by Jacks school, it was so cute, and EVERY kid participated in the program which I thought was so neat!

We dropped Jack off at his class to get ready with his teachers, and we went to the Sanctuary to get front row seats to see our little boy!

 Then the program started! Jack was the last class to perform, each class had a short song they sang, Jacks class rang bells :)

 I love how there are so many cultures represented at his school, its an international school for sure!
Here is baby Jack with his bells, we got it on video too. He wasn't that interested in ringing the bells but he did once, and oh so well! Most were crying or just sitting there but they looked so cute!
After the program we went to his class to pick him up, to go eat and then do the activities they had set up!

 We made gingerbread houses, but little man was eating all the decorations!

 He put everyone in the manger! ha

What a wonderful night, again we just love this school!