Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bethany Methodist Weekday School Holiday Program 2010

We were so thrilled with the program put on by Jacks school, it was so cute, and EVERY kid participated in the program which I thought was so neat!

We dropped Jack off at his class to get ready with his teachers, and we went to the Sanctuary to get front row seats to see our little boy!

 Then the program started! Jack was the last class to perform, each class had a short song they sang, Jacks class rang bells :)

 I love how there are so many cultures represented at his school, its an international school for sure!
Here is baby Jack with his bells, we got it on video too. He wasn't that interested in ringing the bells but he did once, and oh so well! Most were crying or just sitting there but they looked so cute!
After the program we went to his class to pick him up, to go eat and then do the activities they had set up!

 We made gingerbread houses, but little man was eating all the decorations!

 He put everyone in the manger! ha

What a wonderful night, again we just love this school! 



Roger and Nicky said...

Oh my goodness I JUST LOVE HIS SCHOOL!!! How precious that they incorperate the little ones in their Christmas Play. You are going to be a "program pro" by the time he enters Pre Kindergarten and Kinder !!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Awwww, how fun!!! He looks so SWEET in his little outfit!!!