Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun day!

 Perfect day, though I don't have many pictures, we were too busy having fun! Jack and I started off the morning by joining my friends Heather & Elizabeth with their kids to play at Stomping Ground (inside jungle gym for kids). It was a total zoo and had me a nervous nelly, but then Jack figured out the downstairs portion was fun and he didn't attempt to climb to the top, that was much better!

We got home late, so Jack finally got to take a overdue nap. I then happen to come across a great deal on a newly slip covered couch and with my neighbors help scored it for the play room. I just can't spend $$ on a fancy couch that Jack might get juice and cheetos on. So the price was right, it's practically brand new and it's perfectly girly for me! Awesome! Then of course I had to re arrange the house once I got that in the play room, and I think it all turned out perfect. 

Once Jack woke up we had Jack's best friend, Wes come over for some afternoon fun which rolled into dinner. So we all headed over with another neighborhood kid to Mission Burrito. This place is awesome because it has a playground, margaritas (if you are not on a and great tacos/burritos (I was boring with shrimp). You can eat and watch your kids run around and play, why are there not more places like this!?

It was such an awesome day! I will be MIA for a while with two work trips back to back - so I hope to get a few pictures of my sweet boy before I leave tomorrow!
                                            Kev shall hold down the fort in my absence :)         


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Lili said...

you were in my hood, we used to go to SG more often when our son was younger! btw, the couch is gorgy!