Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bracket Town - NCAA Final Four

The NCAA Final Four tournament is in Houston this year! So this afternoon we decided to head over to Bracket Town which was held at Millennium Park/ G.R Brown Convention center. It was paradise for little boys! Though Jack couldn't participate in all that was there, he still really enjoyed watching it all. We were there for over two hours letting Jack run around and explore, so fun!

 Nothing but net baby!

 Listen up, I've got lots to talk about!
 He grabbed this family's basketball and wouldn't let it go, ha
 This sweet boy was sharing the bean bags with Jack and trying to show him that he had to step behind the box to toss them in hole...
 ...however Jack thought standing that far away was silly, why not just go up to the hole and put them where they go!? Duh! ha

 Jack would NOT go near the Upper Deck Coach character, he just kept his eyes on him but at a far distance!
 I tried to go take a picture with him to tell Jack..look no big deal! But he still wasn't having it... so we moved on :)
 Moved on, to the really fun stuff, he LOVED watching all the big kids play sports.

 a random fan dressed as 3 Point Man, awesome! 

 I love finding places to take Jack on the weekend, and this was one of my favorite hands down! Just a neat experience for our entire family! Thank you to the NCAA for a awesome day!



Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

Oh my gosh, HOW FUN!!!!

I would have love this =)

Looks like y'all had a BLAST

Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

BTW we park at that place when we go to the Astros games when we visit Houston

Momma Wilson said...

that looks like it was way too fun, my Jackson would have gone crazy with all the balls:)