Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bayou Bend Family Day

 We have been wanting to attend the free family day at Bayou Bend for quite some time, but something always came up where we couldn't make it. Today Jack woke up just in time for us to have an hour to play before it ended. So we quickly packed up and headed over to see what all the fun was about! They had a  petting zoo, live music & crafts for the kids this month. It is a beautiful afternoon and the grounds are so amazing with all the azalea bushes in bloom!

                    You had to venture on this long swaying scary bridge across the murky bayou.... get to this beautiful garden! Its a large expansive estate that was donated to the museum and is nestled within the Memorial Park area. I was so in love, it felt like a different world!
                                 On to the petting zoo with tons of sweet little critters!

                                                           Always going for the ears!

                                      This little guy was trying to eat my shorts! ha
                                                  Wonder pets!!!
                              What a hidden little gem in the city, I cant wait for us to return!


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