Sunday, May 17, 2009

Most Moms will say "keep dreaming" to this post :)

Well....the bedroom is ready...So while we await our custom duds for Jacks room from Bella Boutique and Drapery Cottage to ship from TN....we at least have our bassinet set up in the master bedroom. My Dad purchased it for us and I loveeeeeeeee it! If you are saying its a little girly...well that about sums up my entire house so I just like to think of his bassinet as being sweet not girly :) It's matches our bedroom perfectly!

For the moms out there that say "white" and snicker.....well it's my first so let me be in lala land for a little while ok?! Its like when I was in Babies R Us and was complaining that the little play gym things all were so bright, and didn't they make one with teals and creams to match my house and better yet why cant they be removable fabric so that I can monogram it?! Yes J. Winters can vouch that these silly words came out of my mouth and all the mothers on the isle started giggling with Winters. However silly things aside I realize that things wont match, and of course I will not be depriving my son of all his bright toys. I realize they need the stimulation and I'm of course going to be the good mommy and let him have them all...
BUT in my lala land we will have a chest to pack them all nice and neat away for when company comes over so mommy can get her house back for a short time and of course we can't wait for our little toot to sleep like a perfect little


Roger and Nicky said...

You will be surprised how all the bright colored toys will blend in with your decor and won't stand out so much. :)

PS- Both of my children keep white clean :)

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

What a GORGEOUS bassinet!!!! How on earth did you find it!? It matches your room perfectly! And it is exactly what a beautiful angelic newborn baby should be sleeping in! You'll get some amazing photos of him in it, I'm sure!

And don't worry, that's what they make washing machines for! :D