Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family time is GREAT :)

Stacy (Kevs sister) and Gloria (Kevs mom) hosted an intimate family shower on Saturday at Joe and Stacys house. It was so good to get together one last time before our little man arrives! The fun started at 2pm ....we walked in the house and it was decorated SO CUTE!!! From the large stork to the adorable toile decor. It was so sweet and just lovely! Joe, mom and Stacy cooked up some yummy finger foods, they all were delish! We looked at the present table and wondered how all those gifts could come from just a few people!! But alas its a Strehlow event, and if you haven't seen the pictures or heard me talk about our Christmas time functions well then I'm sure you will soon. They always are wayyyyy too generous and spoil us to the core! My Mom and Grandma also joined and spoiled us with more gifts too! I cant imagine anything else this kid will need! He is set!!!
Here are a few pictures from the shower - thanks Stacy and Gloria for hosting a lovely time as always!
Jess, Kev and Jack


Roger and Nicky said...

You look so beautiful and amazing I love your outfit :) Of course Baby Jackson wants to move his due date early he is set with all his presents!!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Hahaha! That song was hilarious!

Love the diaper game - everyone always looks so hilarious smelling poop!

Oops, got something on your nose there...