Saturday, February 26, 2011

new school

When we were told by Jackson's current school that they would be moving towards a full day (5xweek) school, offering no part time...I was devastated. We ADORE his school, the staff and the wonderful diverse mix of children. I sulked for a little while, called the director of the school and begged her to change her mind. But of course the board had already made this choice, there was no changing.
After a few days I set out to find a new school. My first and only tour (had all my eggs in one basket) was St. Martins, its closer to our house, and from the outside it looked beautiful. When I took the tour, lead by a current parent, I was in love. It was similar to where we are now, and even had a few more bonus items..such as gym class with a PE director hired just to teach in the gym, longer chapel time, potty training, teeth brushing (after lunch) and even Moms night out! They too have catered lunches (huge bonus) and the staff was so very welcoming. Our neighbor across the street attends and she boast about how much her sweet little girl loves going there. As well this is of the pre-schools that is good for getting into the private education such as St. Johns or if you have a girl, Duchesne Academy. I'm not sure if we will go that route, but its nice to have the added bonus.
We got the official letter this morning that let us know we were accepted! Relief! I know there were more applicants than spots this year, so my persistence paid off!  I never thought trying to get my kid into a Day School would be this stressful, what will I do when we apply to colleges? I might be wearing a wig by then since I probably wont have any hair! But hey I've seen some cute wigs out there, ha!

We are sad to leave Bethany, but we know great things are ahead at this beautiful, loving, brilliant, accredited school/church! It will be home to our 2 year old next year. Can you believe in 4 months we will have a 2 year old? 

 Can you imagine a bunch of 2 year olds sitting on front row, sounds just perfect to me!


cMe said...

= )

Roger and Nicky said...

Beautiful !!! Sounds like a fabulous new school :)

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Yay Jack!! I'm glad it all worked out. That school sounds perfect! =)