Thursday, July 23, 2009

Perfect Little Angel!

Kevin and I took Jack to his 4 week check up, he is PERFECT! Dr. Janet Pate said that he is doing so well and he is gaining and growing on track. Today he weighed in at 8 lbs 12 oz!! (25 % amongst other boys his age), and he is 21 - 3/4 " long (50% amongst other boys his age). So we are growing fast! Here are some pictures with Dr. Pate and some close up shots of those pretty blue eyes....maybe they will stay, we shall see!
Thank you god for this amazing blessing of a healthy and happy little boy!
Happy 4 weeks baby Jack !!

Mom and Dad
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Jane C. said...

Sweet Angel!! He is precious...beautiful eyes! They didn't have a 4 week visit with Hutch...hopefully I didn't screw up and forget. Oh well, we've got our 8 week next Friday!! I am thinking I probably have about a 12pounder!!!