Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Sweet Honey Bee!

Well last night we got some sleep!!! WHOOT WHOOT! Jack slept from 8pm - 12 am and then from 12:30 am - 3: 30 am and then again from 5:30 am-7:45am!!! Thank gosh! I also took a nap when the nanny came and I feel so much better! I purchased this little outfit in SanFran when I was visiting my friend Kristin. I adore this little outfit and the booties are from Edith and the blanky too!
He started loosing some hair up front so he kinda looks like a wrinkly old man or Benjamin Button...hahaha
I love the bottom right picture, he totally has some Jess attitude going on!!
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cMe said...

Just looking at some old pictures of Jack. So relieved to see that my lack of sleep is normal and that G will turn out to be a great little tot like Jack. I just stress out about her (and me) not sleeping enough. Love y'all & hope Jack has a happy second birthday celebration. I know he will, his momma makes everything so special for him!