Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Bjorn

Today I wanted to try something other than the stroller for our daily walk. I pulled out the baby bjorn that my cousin Steph got us. It was easy to put together and felt pretty good on, so I took Mr. Jack and strapped him in. As you can see he was not a happy camper! Look at that face!!!!! Funny enough I really didn't know he was making this face until I downloaded the pictures, because he wasn't really crying.

I walked him around the house to make sure he wasn't going to scream if I took him outside for a walk. He started to warm up to the idea and was looking all around. I took him on a 20 min walk around our area and he LOVED this thing! He was so alert for the first 15 minutes, making little cooing sounds while turning his head looking at the trees and houses.

The last 5 mins of the walk I didn't hear him making much noise so I turned to a car to see in the mirror to see what he was doing, and he was asleep!!!So we came back in the house and took a picture of this precious baby.

I think we shall do this again and again!


Roger and Nicky said...

That is so great that Jack loves his Bjorn. He looks so peaceful sleeping.

Giovanni hated it but Juliana loved it!! I loved carrying her so close :)

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

I love it! Hahahaa! That contraption is especially useful for when they won't let you put them down, but you have a million things to do!