Saturday, July 24, 2010

Discovery Green

Today we checked out the park in downtown Houston called Discovery Green. It has so many wonderful things for kids to do and plenty of architecturally stimulating views for adults. So we suited up Jack as he was squealing with excitement and headed down there!
First stop was the wall of color! Jack loved touching all the different color blocks.
Then over to the splash pad.... I'm not a huge fan of public water places, but Jack loves water so I bite my tongue and just wash hands and faces like a mad lady once we are done!
Plus this little guy has so much fun I can't help but be exited for him!

I tried to keep his hat on but he had other plans :)

Once he was done he was done and ready to move on to the next thing....busy boy!

He was not happy with us ...he wanted to go into that dirty water to chase those boats... we are such mean parents for not letting him..ha!

So we decided to let him run around a little bit... and boy was he on the go!
Thumbs up for making Dad really tired by chasing me all over the place :)
We changed him out of his swim gear and he was worn out!

What a fun and BUSY day! He surely keeps us going!


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the clark family. said...

Oh man! It looks like you had a blast- I've been dying to go down there since my friend got her engagement portraits done there over a year ago... I bet Liam would love it- Jack sure looks like he did!