Monday, October 25, 2010

School is Cool

So whats Jack been up to at Bethany Methodist? Having lots of fun, learning new things,  making new friends and coming home with great reports each day! Here are a few new pictures that his teacher uploaded for us. 

9/27/2010 - Bubbles
9/29/2010 - Finger Painting
10/5/2010 - Library time

10/6/2010 - This is a good day where you can see all that they do! 
Fire Safety Week  - Got to see a real firetruck
Play outside on the toddler playground
Lots of center time indoors
Fall Harvest in the Pumpkin patch - learning to count

Here is a pic of 4 of the 6 boys in Jacks class, yup there are no little girls in Jacks class. 
Maybe that's what Jack is check out..a girl in another class! ha



the clark family. said...

It looks like he has so much fun at school. That is just fantastic.

I adore all those precious little boys playing together!

cMe said...

Jack is the life of the bubble party!

These pics remind me of my little day school.