Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sick in Love

This weekend we had big, grand plans!! We packed up the clubs (yep Jacks too!) and head to Austin for Mandi's little sisters wedding at The Wild Onion Ranch (where Kev and I got married).

We got to Austin and made good time, arrived around 8: 15 pm. We hugged and said hello to Mandi and Shaun, sat down and started to catch up. Soon after Kevin started complaining that he wasn't feeling well. I just thought it was maybe the fast food that we ate on the way from Sonic but maybe in an hour or two he would be fine. That was not the case, he spent most of the night hugging the toilet and I felt so bad for him. We went to bed around midnight and then around 5 am I woke up doing the same thing! I however carried mine throughout the ENTIRE day on Saturday. I was SO SICK, weak and just barely got up for maybe 3 hours the entire day. If you know me, I will NEVER pass up 2Dine4 food, cake or an Edgerton event, they are amazing!  I tried to put on my big girl panties and suck it up, and that I did for about an hour because I couldn't come all this way not to see AnnaKate in her beautiful AMAZING gown! I tried to get as many photos as I could in the hour I was there but then I had to go back to the house and go to bed. Just awful :( So here are the photos of the gorgeous wedding and bride with my pale face...ewww!

Heading from Mandis & Shaun's house to The Wild Onion

They got married in Maui last week and then had a reception here at home. 
What a perfect way to get married! They for sure brought back part of Maui with all the wonderful floral!
 The stunning Anna Kate! Her Dress was made of the real Swiss dot flown in from Switzerland and designed by a local designer = perfection!!

This was a photo booth, and sick or not I was getting in this thing and having our silly pictures taken! Best idea EVER!

I will always put my hand on my hip yall!
Yup thats our little stinker trying to crawl into the water...

I love that this is the same path that Kevin and I took to take our first dance.. now my son was walking down it ... too neat!

I wanted one sooooo bad, but food was not in my cards on Saturday :(

Mandi and I ..PS I didn't see your color until this picture, and Im in love!! Perfect fall hair color! LOVE! Oh and PSS Happy Anniversary :) Thanks so much for taking care of me with meds!
Jack was having a blast drinking out of a glass??? Oh maybe it was funny water? I should have had some!

Kevin & Shaun with our sweet babies
First dance had me in tears!

Today, on Sunday I woke up as if the previous day had never happened!?! I felt so much better... Isn't that so odd? So we either got food poisoning from Sonic or had a bad 24 hour bug? I'm not sure what it was but I'm so glad that its gone! The kiddos loved playing with each others toys! You know everyone elses toys are wayyy cooler!

So after a morning play session, we decided to pack up and head out, it was way too short and I felt like we didnt get much time with our dear Austin friends...but we know there will be many more fun weekends ahead for our families...and the boys want a rain check on golf! Thanks guys for everything this weekend!
and... huge thank you to Kev for taking care of Jack all day on Sat even though I know you were not far behind me on illness!
One tire little family  :)



Kitchen Belleicious said...

OH girl he is so cute! I love his outfit and my son has the same pair of golf clubs! He just runs around the yard though hitting everything in site! LOL! Thanks for your sweet words today! Your the best and that wedding looks awesome! XOXO Jessica

Jane said...

BUMMER that you got sick, but you look GREAT! Jack gets cuter everyday!!!! That place is absolutely amazing. I still hate that I missed the most beautiful wedding ever there....yours! xoxo, hope you are feeling better!

the clark family. said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry you and your Mr. got sick over our weekend in Austin! Even if you weren't feeling great, you sure didn't look like it at all!!
I'm obsessed with those pictures of Jack with the water- it's too, too adorable! We have pictures of Liam doing the same thing in his great uncle's lap at a wedding back in May... HOW are our boys growing up so fast?!?!