Thursday, October 21, 2010

We got Boo'd !!!

If you haven't been Boo'd, you're missing out on a fun Halloween tradition. I thought we might not get boo'd because we live in the city and from what I have seen this is really popular in the burbs. So I was so excited to start off off the fall holiday season with our first ever Boo! Although it was the USPS man ringing the doorbell and running away, this is still a Boo and we are so excited about it!!

So whats in our Boo?? Lets open up the box and find out.. Jack is pretty good at doing that :)

 First up... an awesome glow in the dark Tshirt!
 Next up TWO pairs of Toy Story pajamas.. so cool!

 Jack even got a Toy Story animation character set!
 This little pumpkin made Jack laugh, he even glows at night. Jack mastered already how to turn him off and on.
 We love our candy bucket with his name on it! We will for sure use this on Halloween night!
 Oh and Jack thought this was the coolest toy! You push a button and the lights spin. He grabbed this from the box and pushed the button right away. He of course was not interested then in anything else...

 ..I tried to show him the fun stickers we were going to be able to play with but he was really focused on that spin light toy!
 Oh and we got some candy too! Nothing like Halloween without some sugar! yummmm
 We were so excited about our Boo that we forgot to read the card...oops :)
 This was one cool card, it played music if you pushed the pumpkin. Of course Jack loved this card :)

 ...but then he tried to push all the pumpkins on the card ..and was looking at me "Mommy make them play"..ha ha

Oh and you might be asking who was our Boo from?? Our Boo had a mailing label on it... and it was from FLORIDA... can you guess who it was? We can :) GRANDPA & Edith. Thank yall soooooooo much as you can see Jack loved it! Two packages in a row... he is for sure LOVED!


the clark family. said...

SO cute!!!

Liam loves light up spin-y toys too. We had one for the 4th of July and finally -OOPS!- it went missing.

Jack is one lucky (and super loved!) young man!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Oh my gosh! What a fun tradition! I've never heard of it!! So, you just send anonymous packages to people for Halloween? Details, please!

Yeah, those light up spinning toys are the ultimate for little kids!

Love, love, love the pj's!! What a sweet family you have!

Jane said...

Your Dad is SO good!!!! Precious boo'd goodies!