Wednesday, June 29, 2011

at least one room in the house is clean

 It's been a crazy week. This is the busiest work week for me, I eat breath and dream about work, quarter end is no fun! However we have such an amazing weekend ahead of us , it gives me something to look forward to!

We always read to Jackson before he goes to sleep and any other time he requests a book, but lately he has been wanting to read on his own, "no mommy" he says and off I go. He reads to himself and I'm not quite sure what he is saying but sometimes he laughs and it cracks me up!

 Look at how crazy my office is! My desk is a mess full of paper and oh so yummy lean cuisine meals. The bed is full of everything Ive purchased for Jacks birthday party this weekend!

Let the good times start Thursday 12: 00 am...that's when the quarter ends :)


Donna said...

Eeeeeppp. Can't wait to see pictures from your party. Bet it'll be a blast.

The Crazy Castros said...

You're normal YAY!!! I have boxes full of stuff still in the garage oh~~well I'll get to them one day!!!

Meg O. said...

I love his nursery! It is so cute!

cMe said...

You made it! Happy July 1!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Hahaha! I do that, too, when I have events coming up!

Love Jack's room! It's so gorgeous! We have the same glider!