Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jack's 4th July Beach Bash & Birthday Party

 We had Jackson's 2nd birthday party in Galveston ...and the best word to describe the weekend is simple.. FUN!!!
We arrived on Friday around dinner time and Jack's Godparents with the twins in tow arrived shortly after. We were in the water every chance we could get and Jackson was the biggest beach tot I have ever seen! He loved being in the ocean and absolutely LOVED the waves! If we had let him, he would have been out there morning, noon and night..and not holding anyones hand. Next year we know we have to get him a  life vest so that he can explore without us having to hold his hand. He couldn't get enough!
We loved having The Winters Family with us all weekend playing in Galveston. Sunday was the birthday bash and the party turned out great, everything was delish, prepped just as planned and our family there was the perfect touch. 
What a weekend,we couldn't have asked for a better two year celebration! Jackson is one loved little guy!

I took over 1000 pictures..ha surprised? So here is the weekend recap with tons of pictures!

We are so very lucky to have this wonderful escape just an hour away! Thanks Gran/Grandpa for letting us use your place, now that Jack is old enough to enjoy it we are certain to be back!

In the other room we put a little welcome beach kit together for our guests.

Day One..beach, ok everyday was beach day :) !

and a quick dip in the pool before lunch
Hummus and crackers with fresh berries for lunch...yummm!

more pool time...

I said over and over....Jack, don't lick the pool or drink the water... ugh so gross...but boys are boys!
mimi lovin..
While Mommy got ready the boys were cleaned up and golfing in the hall.

Then it was over to Shrimp & Stuff, the best place to eat...

Once we got home the kids got in their pj's and went to bed, while the Mommas went beach shopping

 Then later that night we prepped for the birthday party for our sweet boy
Party time!

I love my little two year old being a toot, he was making this face because he didn't want to take a picture! ha

My amazing sister in law who made the cookies and the flag cake! She is the bakerella of our family!

It was time to sing to the birthday boy... do you see where he is?? Well if you can't find him, it's because he was "hiding" from all of us while we were singing to him..ha ha ha
finally he realized there was cake to be had, and he quickly jumped in on that!
Jack received sooooo many gifts, we have the most thoughtful family in the entire world!

Then it was time to suit up and we all headed out to the beach!

I ordered sacks for beach racing and it was so...much....fun!!!!
and when I raced my neighbor she left me in the dust...ha ha

Girls rule, we won

And well... I'm not sure if we should wear a swim shirt that says pinch me...because our baby boy got stung by a jelly fish! Out of 28 people in our group, Jack was the only one :( Poor little guy....but he was such a trooper, in fact he was in the pool just 15 mins after swimming around having a good old time. So I guess he was able to get over the pain and the red eventually went away.

We settled in for the night all tuckered out and woke up bright and early to start our 4th of July with a bang at the train museum! It was such an awesome place for the kids to run around and Jack loooooved all the choo choos!

We then walked over to the strand to check out the La Kings Confectionery
Someone had really big eyes...

..and what the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets :)
We came home from the museum and put Jack down for a nap, we suited up made some delish drinks and enjoyed hanging around the condo.

Once Jack woke up we headed down to the beach for our last swim in the ocean.
The kids were having a blast in a mud puddle they made...

...but I think the Dads had even more fun..ha!

We got cleaned up ate dinner and then right before bed we headed down to the beach again to do sparklers

..but I think Jack is a little too young (not that we were going to let him hold them). So we just did a few and headed back up to watch the fireworks from the balcony.

We were both wearing blue...and kinda had the morning blues, we did not want to leave at all!!!

...so we headed to the beach to say "buh bye bech"

how could I tell this sweet smiling boy that we had to leave???
...well I did, and this is what we got. So pitiful and so sad, it broke his little heart that we had to leave, he wanted to go into the water sooooo darn bad!!

But for just a few tears at the end...the before memories are the best!

As one of my friends recently posted, her heart is full...and I can say our tank is full as well!
We love you Jack! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a fantastic time! Wish we lived closer so we could join in celebrating with you! Happy belated Birthday to Jackson! 2 is a great year for boys!


Donna said...

What a fun birthday party! Love how intimate and special it is.

Momma Wilson said...

What an awesome party momma! The decorations were great and it looked like everyone really had a blast:)

Jane said...

WOW!! What a GREAT weekend!! The party was amazing, as I knew it would be, and it looks like you all had a total blast!! LOVE your fourth of July dress, so darn cute. Jack is adorable, and I loved his "2" outfit, precious. I am going to have to call "Escape", according to their website they do not have any available rooms for the time we want to go :(. I need to nail Les down to making a decision and call them, soon. Looks like an awesome place!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Awww, poor little boy! That picture of him crying because he had to say goodbye to the beach just broke my heart! But the one of him just before that one needs to be framed. Happy birthday to Jack! Looks like an awesome time! Except for that pesky jellyfish. I just love the sparkler party favors and all of the other decorations for his party! And that # 2 outfit with the star fireworks is so cute and perfect!

Lea Liz said...

Love all of the pictures!!!!!!!!!! You did an awesome job on the party, I lvoe all the decor, so cute!!!!! I love the mason jars with the sprinkles, so cute! I wish I lived that close to the beach!! I love your black bathing suit, you look great mama!!! I love all of Jackson's outfit!!! His bday outfit was adorable!!!!!

cMe said...

Oh Jess it's just perfect! Jack is such a lucky little boy.

Meg O. said...

Um, could that party be any more ADORABLE?!?!?!?!

Lili said...

what a fun fabulous party! happy birthday jack!

Mama K said...

Great pictures!! Love your sailboat dress and your fingernail polish!! What color is that?? Happy belated birthday to J :)

Kelly's Avenue said...

My Birthday was July 4th as well!!
So happy late bday to Jackson

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and the party was soooo cute!!!!