Saturday, July 9, 2011

A wild morning

 I will be traveling to NYC again for work next week, I'm home for one day on Thursday and then I leave Friday afternoon to Austin for a girls weekend. So I'm trying to spend as much time with my little guy before I leave. This morning we woke up early, let the Daddy go play golf and we headed to explore the Houston Zoo. This time he was really interested in all the animals, and it was great that we went right when it opened. We got to see all the animals eating breakfast and they generally were out and about for us to see. I think when he is three he will love the shows they have there more, but we still had a great morning just moving at our own pace doing our own thing. 

We started out at the Meerkats, where they had just been given some new boxes to tear up and some lettuce for breakfast..yummy!

We went into one of the chill zones to cool off and got to see them cleaning the tank and feeding the fish!That for sure was a "wow cool" moment for Jack.

Then it was off to see the "mokeys" as Jack likes to call them

 We got to see the mama elephant get a bath in the morning and see the baby elephant as well.

 The African Forest I believe is a new exhibit which housed some of my favorite animals! 
Jack was getting kinda tired at this point ..ha
 But then we got to the chimp room and he perked right up, as they were RIGHT at the glass! They were being silly and it was so much fun to watch them!!

 This one was cracking me up, he was rocking back and forth like a baby!

 and look at this one still sleeping all covered up in a blanket! They are too funny!
Through the tunnel to see the amazing giraffes

 We didn't stay at the sea lion show very long, I'm hoping that when we go to Sea World Orlando in a few months we will get a better seat, it was a tad cramped at this show, so we squeezed in where we could :)
 We stopped for a bite to eat and enjoyed our duck pond view, it was great to beat the extreme heat and enjoy our morning together! I'm gonna miss you next week sweet boy! xoxo Mommy

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