Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mommy where are you??

Kev told me that every morning I was gone that our little Jack would wake up and say "mommmmmmmy". Talk about being sad every morning while on my trip! I missed my little guy just as much as he missed me! So you know I had to stop and pick up a few cool treats for Jack. He ended up getting a ton of Cars themed cups, which have mini cars characters inside that move around when he drinks. We can always use cups around the house!

I think next quarter if we can swing it, I would love to go a day or two ahead with Jack and Kevin. There are so many giant sized stores that have the most amazing displays that would make a 2 year old squeal with excitement...and the parents not far behind them doing the same!

and yes I realize we are not in 2037, I didn't know I had put a date stamp on most of my pictures...I think I would look really good at 57 if it was the year 2037...ha!

You would have to be realllllly careful with a toddler in NYC. Look at these crowds, they never go away, this was at 11: 30 pm.. just pandemonium in Times Square!
After a hard days work why not stop off at my favorite store in NYC, they even have the cutest kids clothes. We all know Jack nor I need anymore clothes...
Work dinners at night... and though we had a good time I was ready to call it a trip and head back to my family!
Jack while I was away got a little stomach bug, thank gosh for super Dad and Nelvi!

This morning we took Jack to the Pediatrician just to make sure all is ok, and he is, so that's a good thing!

Waking up in my own bed, seeing this little face in the morning and giving my hubs a kiss was home sweet home!


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Kelly's Avenue said...

I want to go back to NYC so bad!!!!