Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Serious Pumpkin Pickin'

I have had a long two weeks with work so I decided that today I would leave right at 5 pm and take baby boy to pick out a few pumpkins for the house. We will of course get the cute wardrobe fall shots at a later time but today it was all about finding the perfect pumpkin!

Check out this face...Jack take pumpkin pickin' VERY serious!

Jack picked out HIS perfect pumpkin, and that's the one we got! I did pick out a few more but I was sure to purchase the one he "sorta" pointed to :) Wobbly pumpkin we shall make you  a good home for a few months!

After all the hard work we washed our hands in the fountain and took off for dinner! Pumpkin pickin' success!


Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

I love pumpkin picking time! So much fun! I love the serious face, Jack! You picked a great pumpkin. I'm sure you're mommy will do something amazing with it. =)

Momma Wilson said...

love the pumpkin patch! we went over the weekend too:)