Saturday, May 28, 2011

Muy Caliente

 It feels as if summer has already started, its hot out there!!! On Friday we took Jack to our favorite indoor play area and then joined Kevin's parents for dinner to eat some delish grilled burgers. Jack was fine at the play scape but then as soon as we got to Kevin's parents house he just felt really bad, he wasn't himself. So we ate and ran and the didn't get any pictures from!!


But I'm happy to report so far so good, he hasn't come down with cold symptoms so maybe it was just a little viral that got him for a few hours. Because this morning we headed to the Bellaire pool with our two next door neighbors. We packed up, lathered up the sun screen, tossed a few drinks in the cooler and headed out to go swim! I'm sooooooooo sad that my camera died, because you won't believe this but all FOUR kids were jumping off the small diving board, WOWZERS!! My camera died and I wasn't able to get it, but yes even Jackson jumped off! How it worked was Debbie our neighbor waited in the water with a lifeguard float in between her legs so that she floated and had her arms free. Then each kid went down the lonnnnnnnnnng narrow diving board, shuffling those tiny little feet and trembling just a little... and of course with a parent behind them. They got to the end and then raised their hands for the parent behind them to toss them down to Debbie. So they didnt "jump" but they for sure had major courage to go on that board and "drop" down. Jack was itching do it, and so was Wes. It was crazy, my son wouldnt touch the baby frog slide, but yet wanted to go over and over and over again off the diving board?!?! Any who we had a wonderful afternoon and we are all worn out! We love family,good friends & all that comes with Memorial Day weekend! fun fun fun!

I also didn't get any pictures of the kids and their matching shirts, another boo, but we still have a few days left of our long weekend, so hopefully we shall get one, because look how cute they are (on the right)


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The George Family said...

Fun! Where is this indoor playground?? We are coming for two weeks with the kids (yikes!) at the end of the month, I need a place to take them, you know so I don't go insane with them inside all day.