Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our first away vacation

 My husband and I left for a week and went to Scottsdale ...and it was amazing. We left a little frazzled, the thought of leaving our boy behind was scary...but he was well taken care of and had so much fun while we were gone...and we came back refreshed, tanned and excited to get back to parenthood! We have decided we have to do this each year, it was so nice just to have time for us, eating when we wanted, having a drink (ok many drinks), having adult conversations with other couples, and just basically doing what we wanted to do on our own clock! We of course thought of Jack but we tried not to call back home too much, we left him in good hands and decided we would try to leave our worries at the door. 

 I took 500 + pictures so finding a few to explain our trip might be hard, but this is our 2nd time to this resort and we can't wait to return! So here are a few of my fav :) 

 The view from our two bedroom suite ..well it doesn't get much better than this!
 Before we even unpacked, someone was knocking on our door and this was brought in... it was for my husbands birthday from Stacy (Kevs sister) & Joe! How awesome is that!?! We were soooooooo excited and of course had to break open the bottle. I mean you can't unpack without having a glass of bubbly! :) Thanks Stacy & Joe!!

 We were at the fire pit every night after dinner

There was a lazy river that you could take your drink, float, tan, laugh and just have the time of your life.  I did this with one of my best gals while my husband golfed with her boyfriend. It was great to have a couple friend for the first two days, and then we enjoyed the rest of our time alone.

 I loved this place, called The Dry Bar, they don't cut hair...they just do blow outs for $35 buckeroos plus free champagne/wine! I was all over that!

 I liked the end result, natural and just a little curl
We went hiking and well that was one heck of a work out, it got steep in some areas and really got your heart rate up. There were times I wanted to turn back around, but my awesome husband kept by me and told me I could do it...and we did :) 

  My husband asked if I wanted to go golfing with him, so I got my golf outfit on ....
..ok I know this isn't golf attire, but I was running low on clothes by the last two days, so I tossed on my bathing suit to work on my tan :)
 ...and I changed shoes so that I wouldn't look completely ridiculous..ha

 We were really missing Jack... so I left a mark to let everyone know :)

 I think this is my favorite picture of the entire trip, my husband doing what he loves the most, and capturing it in such a pretty setting!

 Sad to leave...happy to go home

While we were gone Jack had so much fun going to the park, swimming at the BC pool, attending an adorable 1st birthday of our friend Sarah and her adorable daughter Addison, and running around Discovery Green. My mom said she had so much fun and I think they both slept really good each night she was there, because they wore each other out having fun! He apparently on the 4th night away from us, woke up at 3 am and cried out for us by name, THANK GOSH our nanny did not tell us this, I might have gotten on the plane at that point to come home. Luckily he did that for only a minute and then went back to sleep. Whew. Bless his little heart! We missed him just as much as he missed us!

When we got home it was the sweetest moment, Jack was sooo excited, he was a little shy but ran up to each of us ..gave us a huge hug and kissed us. Rejuvenation from being away will only make us better parents to this sweet boy! We are sure glad to be home!



Momma Wilson said...

welcome home!!! love love love all the pictures and am totally jealous of the kiddo free getaway!

The Crazy Castros said...

You guys are sooo cute;))) love everything about this post specially the last picture of Jack!!!

Meet the Brummett's said...

Looks like you guys had a great vacation. The pics were great and you are totally right, being away def seems to make you a better parent ;) We have a Blowdry bar here in Dallas and I love it too! Great deal and tons of fun

cMe said...

You guys look so happy in all the photos! You really needed a vacation. SO sweet of them to send the champagne (that is a totally Jess thing to do, btw).

cMe said...

There is a blowout bar in Houston! It's right by A'bientot and that Baskin Robbins across from Lamar.

Jane said...

Looks like an AMAZING getaway!!!! Les and I need one of these SO BAD! Les went to Scottsdale 3 weeks ago for a golf trip....he forgot to take me!!!

Lili said...

im so jealous of your couple's getaway!

btw, have u tried blow dry bar in front of lamar HS? theyre amazing!

The George Family said...

I'm so jealous of this getaway... we haven't had one since we got pregnant with #2! Also, love the hat. Totally copied you today and bought one for my little weekend getaway this weekend... you know, to Houston (which is still a total getaway to me, sans kids!)