Monday, March 29, 2010

Hoppity Hop Hop Hop

The Easter Bunny keeps delivering!! Today we checked the mail and received a HUGE package from Grandpa King. We of course couldn't wait to get it open and see what was in store for Jack! It was a giant box of Easter goodies, such a delight!!

Opening it up and checking it out.... is this all for me?!?!!

Starting to reach into the basket... finding all the neat toys inside!

Don't touch its all mine!
What an adorable Easter BOY sign!! Check out that hat on the bunny! So funny!

We finally got to the card! Such a big boy reading his card :)

Tasting it all to make sure its good!

There were clothes, bunnies, bath toys, Easter eggs and so much more! He was pretty busy for a while testing out all his new toys!

While he played I went and hung up his banner! Looks adorable on his door!

He got his first Levis!! Check out all these other cute outfits!
Wow what a treat! We are so blessed to have such amazing parents! Easter was such a wonderful holiday when I was growing up and I'm so thankful that Jack gets to experience the same. Thanks Grandpa King and Edith for proving such a lavish Easter!
We love you!


e8ght888 said...

Wow! Those Florida Easter Bunny Grandparents are really COOL!!!

the clark family. said...

Love the *boy* Easter sign- it's proven nearly impossible to find things that are really boy friendly at Easter.

And in answer to your question: the PJs came from The Gap- I found them at the Baby Gap section in the big double store at First Colony Mall. They were on sale though, so not sure if many other places will have them. :) I love crabs for Liam- his zodiac sign is Cancer- the crab!- and so we're using it as the theme for his 1st birthday party. I'm just getting ahead of myself.

Jane said...

So cute!!!! Love how he was sitting in the box :).