Friday, March 26, 2010


On his 9 month birthday, our baby boy was sadly going through one of the hardest weeks of his life, suffering through a bad fever that eventually caused an ear infection. Having to see the Pediatrician twice in one week. Poor baby!
Mommy was in California for his actual 9 month birthday, and Daddy didn't feel like getting him dressed up while he was feeling down, so we had to wait until 9 months + 1day to take his 9 month pics. As you can see, baby boy still wasn't 100% for the photo shoot but he still got those smiles out! Get well soon Jackson!

Staying still isn't an option anymore! This boy is on the move!
His favorite thing to do is taking strolls!
One of our neighbors has wonderful bluebonnets!

Jack of course is a boy and could care less about flowers! Rocks please!!

At 9 months he is:

  • Almost fully mobile. Army crawling like a champ, starting to get up on his knees.
  • Starting to pull up, but can only get to his knees. Can get to his feet with a little help, but can't stay there without someone to hold him
  • Daddy taught him how to splash water with his hands in the bath, which quickly transformed into a full-fled kick fest once Mommy got involved. Now when we give him a bath the tub is generally only half full by the time we finish.
  • Eating all sorts of steamed veggies in addition to his formula, baby food and baby yogurt. Still loves the mum-mums best of all.
  • Rides in his big-boy Britax car seat in daddy's car. So luxurious
  • Had his first friend sleepover with JaneE, Les & Hutch in Cedar Park (Austin) while Mommy and Daddy were at a wedding. Was scared of Hutch at first when Hutch tried to eat him, but they were good buds by the morning
  • Still puts everything in his mouth, including the dog's rawhides whenever he can find them - yuck!
  • Up to 22 pounds - we still have ourselves a tall big boy
  • Says mama & baba
He is growing so fast, we can't believe three more months until this squirt turns one! wow!

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OMG, he's so cute, Jess! And so big!!