Thursday, January 27, 2011

Color me happy

We got Jack some bath crayons and he has been having a field day with them! He wanted to take them out of the bath but I explained to him that they are for the bath only...
I might regret this purchase when I find the walls in the house with little art projects, but for now this color in the bathroom makes me smile!
Daddy has been sick (Mommy was sick last week) and Jack is borderline sick (you always have so much energy even when you are sick). So we haven't been up to taking pictures much, but these were worth the add.



the clark family. said...

So cute! I think I might have to invest in some for Liam... except he takes shower, so I don't know how well they'd work? Still... so much fun!

cMe said...

Oh yes, you will regret this big time!!
Look at that cute little tushie!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Hey! That kinda looks like our bathroom. The same graffiti artist must have hit both our places.

Cute bum picture!! LOL!