Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween school carnival

Friday night we went to Jacks school fall carnival. It was finally really cold outside and it was such a fun event. They had rows of cars lined up and people from school individually decorated their own car and passed out candy. It was so neat to see all the cars decorated and it was such a cool way to safely trick or treat. Jack would go up and softly say "trick or treat" and go eagerly to the next car. With our bag full we then checked out the bounce houses. There were about 10 different bounce houses which was great. What was even better was that they had several people from the school as guards to the bounce houses. Jack can easily get overwhelmed if there are too many kids and frankly it gets us nervous with kids all over the place. So it was really nice that they only put 6 kids in at a time and tried to group them all by size.
That was a nice relief!
Jack really enjoyed himself and would have stayed longer but it started to rain and so we ducked out of there after an hour or so of jumping, which put him soundly in bed now :)

Isn't his costume so cute? I will get a better picture of it on Halloween, but my Mom and Nanie ordered it from a catalog and its the cutest little costume! He is the cowboy riding the horse :)
He got several complements all night, thanks Mom and Mimi!

Go Texans car theme
We ran into our friends The T family
and I think this was our favorite car to give out candy, how creative!
Silly Daddy!

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