Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

Today was all about Daddy! Jack and I woke up and made a sweet sign to let Dad know how much we love him...
Jack was in the back admiring all his toys ... we got new bookcases to house it all and he had not seen them until this morning.
Oh yes I love my Daddy!
We let Kev sleep in...yep he is in there somewhere :)
We then made breakfast for Daddy...toast, eggs, fresh berries...yumm!
And guess what.... I even made lunch! I just made sandwiches...but hey Dad was smiling!
Then we got in the car and went over to MiMi's & Nanies house. They surprised Kevin with a cake for Fathers Day! Soooooo sweet!
Jack was off busy pestering the cat.....

... while we all enjoyed a slice of cake!After cake we met up for dinner with Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joe
Oh and since it was all about Kevin I let him listen to the US Open on the radio...
...and we got home just in time to see the "tail end" :)
We are FULL and TIRED, but it sure was a WONDERFUL day! We love you Daddy!



Jane said...

LOVE that last pic of Jack's bum!!!! Too cute!

the clark family. said...

Glad you guys had a fabulous Father's Day! I love that last picture! I'm not going to lie, I fear for my carpet, so I won't let Liam run around without a diaper! :) Only in the bathroom!!

cMe said...

I love your bedding!
And one of these days Jack is going to be sooo mad that his cute little bottom was broadcast on the internet!

Roger and Nicky said...

What a fun day !!! I love Jack's expression...he is in complete awe of the new storage. Happy 1st Father's Day and cheers to many more :)

Becca said...

Love these pics! Looks like a wonderful day!!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

I love how you surprised him with the bookcases. We totally do that to Christian, too! It's so funny seeing the reaction on his face.

Happy Father's Day to Kevin! Speaking of, I saw this golfing bumper sticker the other day:
"It takes a lot of balls to play golf like I do!" I was cracking up!