Friday, May 28, 2010

Boys can too

Dress cute that is...!! I always thought about how fun a girl would be dressing her up (and I'm certain it is) but having a boy is so much fun! It takes a little more work to find cute boy outfits but if you have a good eye you can make it work. It also helps that Nelvi insists on ironing all of his clothes, which is great to be able to pick something out that is just ready to go! When I dressed him yesterday morning I couldn't believe my eyes... He is SO BIG! He looks like a little boy, so not a baby :( He has grown so fast, where did the time go? He would not sit still so here are my best pictures of this cutie patotie.

Look how tall he is, already can reach for items on the window seal!
Belted seersucker pants + polo + precious little boy = perfection!

He is always trying to figure out how things work or what they are made of... So inquisitive!

ha ha ha this is 110% a Kevin look!
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!



mama k said...

Cute pictures!! And love the cute outfit! We have some seersuckers for Baby W too...but I do get a little mad when I see so many cute girly outfits...they really could make more for boys!

Roger and Nicky said...

I love dressing our son. Believe it or not when our daughter was born I was overstimulated with so many options that it took a while to get "into" dressing her up :)

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

When I look over at the racks of girls clothes, it both intrigues and exhausts me. For now I'm glad I'm dressing a boy, especially when I see how dirty he is by the end of the day!

Those little seersucker pants and belt are just too much. Love 'em!