Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hop on in to the pool

 That's just what we did this beautiful Easter morning. We headed over to Gma & Gpa Strehlow's house for a morning swim and an afternoon sandwich. The water was a little chilly but once you got used to it we had a good 30 minute swim session. Daddy isn't able to attend swim lessons so it was awesome to show him and Gran what a little fish we have on our hands. He loves to go under water and we did this about 10 times, each time with a big smile. After showing off our super awesome swim skills we went inside to play with all the toys and then had the perfect lunch to top off the afternoon. 

This weekend has been amazing ...I'm already looking forward to next Easter!! 


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e8ght888 said...

What a GREAT Easter morning! Loved seeing all of you and watching Jack swim. Such a beautiful family!