Saturday, April 23, 2011

Early Easter Breakfast

 My Aunt M & Uncle G were in from North Carolina and my Uncle J from Dallas. After the egg hunt at HEB this morning, we came home and got cleaned up for a family breakfast! Jack was shy for all of 3 minutes..and was showing off/ laughing the entire time they were here. We had an easy breakfast with eggs, taters, bagels and was just perfect. I loved that we pulled down my great grandmothers everyday china/flatware and that we sipped out of my grandfathers etched glasses from London. It was a sentimental breakfast for us all using all of that, and especially one when my my Great Aunt is in her last days with us (living in Colorado). We cried, prayed and laughed .. and it really was a morning we all needed.

Love makes a family, and we have plenty of it!

 Yes I know Emily Post or my Junior League Tea Room Manager wouldn't approve of my setting layout, but  I'm ok with that :)

 My Aunt M and I


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cMe said...

You rearranged your house! I like it. Jack looks more like a little boy and less like a baby every day. :(