Saturday, April 23, 2011

HEB Egg Hunt

 This morning we woke up early to be at our local grocery store for an Egg Hunt down the aisles. We love our HEB so much, even though we have a Central Market just a few streets from us, this HEB is like being at Central Market, with all the other pleasantries that you can't get at CM.  It's the best grocery store, and since we cook at home almost every night, we know the store pretty well :) So we got word that early in the morning they would be doing a hunt for the kids! We never set alarms in the morning because Jack is our alarm, but this morning he was late! Oops :) So we rolled out of bed (literally) and fast tracked to find some eggs! Jack still in his pajamas (at least they were Hanna Anderson, does that count? haha) with a cool bed head look enjoyed his morning. He got to pick out a fresh croissant for breakfast, meet the Easter Bunny/ HEB Buddy, score a ton of eggs and even get an instant winner prize! 

 Thanks HEB for a super fun bright and early morning! I don't know what I would do without an HEB!


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