Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Spoils

 Each one of Jacks grandparents really spoiled this little boy for Easter! MiMi put together a wonderful basket full of treats, sweet novelties and even some coins for the piggy bank! Jack had a ball pulling each item out, testing it and moving to the next! Oh and we have stickers all over the house from it, awesome! Gran & Gpa Strehlow put a generous blessing to Jacks college fund, and there is no doubt that this kid will be able to choose were he goes to school! We are so lucky to have a fund set up, it's really an amazing thing that Jack, Kev and I are so thankful for! Gpa King mailed a box of Easter spoils all the way from Florida and Jack spent almost an hour digging through/playing with it all. Since grandpa doesn't get to see Jack that often I decided to photo the opening of the box! We are surrounded by the love of Jack's grandparents near or far and that's the best Easter blessing you could have!

"Wow Cool" is his new phrase and that's exactly what he was saying when he opened the box up!

 I was checking out the clothes he got while Jack was checking out his toys!!

 He made Nelvi open this, so to alleviate a screaming fit we told him he could have two. He counted out two himself, this boy loves to count! But of course after the two were gone, he wanted more but that was enough sugar for the day :)
 He was ready to go inside so he grabbed his basket put his toys back in it and hauled it inside, he is growing so fast with his own opinions on how this big world works!
 Once inside he unloaded it all again to inspect it all over again :)

 The musical Easter book from the basket was a hit!
 To thank you grandpa we colored a picture for you ....
 We just happen to pick a random page and I laughed once I looked at it, the big rabbit looks like my Dads hair in the morning, he he he, and I just thought what a perfect little picture to color for Grandpa!

Thank you to the best grandparents a boy could ask for, I'm looking forward to all the years we have ahead watching our boy put smiles on your faces, as you sure put one on his! We love ya'll!


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