Sunday, August 8, 2010


Our trip was SPECTACULAR! We had so much fun together as a family and we are looking forward to our next vacation!

The plane rides were ok and Jack was actually really good!  Its hard for an adult to be in a small plane for 3 hours let alone a sweet 1 year old. So that being said we didn't love the flying part but that was just a little portion of our trip, so we easily moved on to other things :)
Once Jack got tired he did eventually go to sleep on the plane...sweet baby!
We arrived to the most amazing weather, no humidity and breezy 80 degrees!
We got upgraded to a small SUV, and we were happy campers! Ready to explore this amazing state!
On our way to the house we rented, the scenery was just beautiful. Right out of a fact the road our house was on, was in the movie A River runs through it! I loved these old farm barns.

This is what they call Big Sky Country... oh yes it is!!!

We finally arrived to the most adorable ranch house....
.....I mean how cute is this?!?!
Our view from the house..aaaamazing!
Barb the owner has the house decorated so cute, we were so impressed and very much felt like home to us!
This was Jackson's room. Barb even had a crib set up for him!
Our room
After we put our bags up we changed and headed outdoors....
...of course we had to check everything out!
Picture perfect!
Horse playing in the front yard was a daily thing for these boys
Friday was the rehearsal dinner, so we hired a Nanny to watch Jack while Mom & Dad got to enjoy a wonderful dinner!
Yay we are on vacation yall!
The bride to be and Kev....Kev and Sarah met in Houston and she has since moved out to Montana. We finally got to see why she loves it :)
Beautiful wild flowers adorned the tables...
and lots of boots fancied those feet! It was a wonderful rehearsal dinner.
We returned to the farm house to find one sweet Nanny, a sleeping baby and the coolest note on how the night went! Wow :)
The next morning it was off to explore the land near the house.

We came across some sweet horses that just came right up to us. 

Jack LOVED them!
Oh yes we even had a horse jon jon .. .I promise I didn't know we were going to run into horses, but how perfect is that?!
After a nap we ventured over to the Museum of the Rockies. This is the BEST museum for little ones.
We checked out the dinosaur exhibit...very cool!
Jack had so much fun at the hands on the da Vinci exhibit.
I can do it myself Mom & Dad!
The kids section was so well put together, really outstanding! They had a section where this balloon every 20 mins would rise like Old Faithful. SO SO SO NEAT!!!
Play fishin'
Our Park Ranger checking out all the nature stations

The next day we played in the front yard...told you we spent so much time outside!!

While we were out we got to see ranchers coral horses right in front of our house to the ranch up the road. Look at the sweet baby horses :)
The lady that we met that was helping coral the horses, invited us to her land so that Jack could play in the river. He of course LOVED this!

After water play we got cleaned up and ready for the wedding!
Jack and myself stayed back from the actual ceremony while Kevin attended. Jack was busy playing with his car and eating raisins :)

I got to see in the distance as Sarah arrived in an old farm truck. So pretty!!
It was a perfect wedding, the rain stayed away just enough for the ceremony to take place. As soon as it was over the rain came for a few minutes and then provided the most amazing rainbow we had ever seen!
We all joined for the reception :)
Love love love love
Sarahs style was adorable!
How fun are these details....
Beer & Wine out of masons
Cotton Candy

After such a fun wedding we didn't know how it could get better...but wow we were blown away with Yellowstone. We were almost not going to go because it was over an hour drive. But we are SO glad that we made the trek up there. What beautiful country it is!
We found a spot in the Yellowstone river for Jack to play in :)
I can't get enough of this backdrop!! Beautiful!
Animals everywhere

I didn't realize how close the animals would get and how important these signs were...

The hot springs were stunning!!
We only went a few miles in to Yellowstone as its a massive park, but we all had so much fun exploring for the day!
I took over 1300 pictures on our trip, but I think this one sums it up..just a simple state, with grand views, lots to explore and my was perfection! 
Congrats Sarah & Ty ...thank you for having us in your territory for the weekend. It was beautiful!


Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Great post! What a fun wedding! They are going to have some amazing wedding pictures with that beautiful rainbow! I LOVE Yellowstone and want to take Christian someday! And Montana is SO AMAZING. You really don't fully understand why it's called the "Big Sky" state until you're actually there and can't believe how big the sky is! Looked like an amazing time!

The Wilson's said...

wow, what an amazing trip! everything looked absolutely beautiful!

Roger and Nicky said...

Fabulous pictures !!! WOW :) Breathtaking and so peaceful