Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fun Run

 We found a new park yesterday and re visited it again this morning. Its at one of the local elementary schools and  has two great low to the ground areas for Jack. I noticed yesterday it had a track as well, so this morning Daddy played with Jack while I ran. When I came around to the play area he would smile at me and then on the last leg he came and ran with me, it was soooo cute and it must have worn him out, because he went down for a nap at 1 pm and its 4 pm and baby boy is still sleeping!

 I love this little shirt, I purchased it over a year ago and he is finally able to fit into it! I started looking at his closet for his fall clothes and I got really excited, I forgot about the things I purchased last year on sale or the things that were just too big for him. We are ready for some cute fall outfits, we just need the weather to make its way! This morning was cooler though, so it was nice to be outside!


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