Sunday, September 18, 2011

Outdoor Movies Part II

 We went over to Aunt Stacy & Uncle Joes house for another movie night! These two may be busy Drs, but they make time to have the coolest parties, feed us all so well and even allow for baby boy to eat popcorn in the pool. Pretty cool if you ask me! Last night the movie was Despicable Me, and it was the cutest little flick! I did not take a picture of the food, but Jackson enjoyed the cornbread muffins and might have shared with the dog :) We enjoyed the best slow cooker pulled pork sliders and so many other yummy treats.

 Our first time to use the puddle jumper vest, and Jack wasn't really loving it at first but then once he realized he could go about the pool freely he loved it!

 Down in the game room, Jack was trying to play some video game, but Choxie kept coming up to say hi or left over cornbread kisses :)
 Uncle Joe & Jack

Thanks for another fun movie night ...we have loved the movie choices so far!


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