Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Orlando vacation 2011 day two

 After a really good night's rest we all woke up and my Dad was at our side making us breakfast! My Dad loves to cook, and we love to eat, so it was a match made for little Jack when he saw what was on his plate...  
 After eating there were some more surprises from Edith and my Dad, they had a car-shaped box filled with Cars 2 talking cars, including Jack's favorite Mater! He took those cars and planted himself in the middle of the living room and made us all do races with him. Cutest thing ever and he was one happy little boy!
 Kisses and thank you!
 Once the sun came out there was no guessing what we would do next, the pool was first on Jack's agenda!

 The weather was really nice while we were at the pool, but Florida is known to have afternoon rain showers, which we got caught in a few times. It started to sprinkle so we headed up to the room to put Jack down for a nap.  On our walk back there were tiny lizards that would run in front of you. A few of them were kind enough to stop for Jack, and he wanted desperately to make new friends.

 He didn't quite understand why they would run away and would say "whereditgo".. it always took us a while to walk back, but that's ok we were on vacation time. :)
Jack went down for his only nap on the entire trip. Jack is usually a great sleeper and loves to take a nap, but Florida just had too much to see. So after he woke up we went to Downtown Disney to go check out all the fun stores and interactive areas. It's free to go but we all know there is nothing free about anything with "Disney" in the name! It was worth the time though and it was fun for us all.
First stop was the Disney Magic Store which had all the main character items for sale and it was huge! Jack was in awe and looking everywhere and touching everything.

 Then we strolled over to our favorite store... Lego

Outside they had the coolest Lego displays set up and Jack was so curious that at first he didn't want to go inside because he was too busy studying the Legos.. but once we got him inside he was in Lego heaven!

 We found this super cool room that had a giant free-for-all Lego table. These Legos were soooo small, I don't remember them being that little but Jack figured them out fast enough and was building and concentrating really hard :)

 Papa trying to help find the good pieces to add to his masterpiece
We all thought the Lego store was pretty cool but then it just kept going and the stores were so neat! They were hands on for the kids and it was nice that Jack was able to touch whatever he wanted.
Next up we all went over to the T-Rex restaurant/store. This place was jammmed pack! It had giant motorized life-like dinos inside, at first Jack wasn't a fan but by the time we left he was kicking and screaming not to leave. We had so much food back at the Villa and the lines were bananas here so we decided not to stay and eat but we walked around and took our time checking it out.

 Then it was over to Team Mickey, which was everything sports.

Our last stop was the Mr. Potato head store,
where Papa and Jack put together their own version of Mr. P

 What a fun day with and so much more to come - up next is Day three, it was "magical"!
So many great pictures to share tomorrow, can't wait!


Meg O. said...

That Lego place looks SO COOL! What a fun time!

Jane said...

I have sensory overload just looking at all of the fun & colorful things!! No wonder Jack didn't nap. Looks absolutely AMAZING!!! So much fun!

Ashley Beth said...

I am LOVING all your pictures and stories about your trip!

Kelly's Avenue said...

Lego land looks so much fun and the sports place does too