Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer is half way over?!

I looked at the calender yesterday and realized that in a few weeks we will be in back to school mode! Summer has been so much fun this year, with Jackson learning how to swim and loving the water even more this year, we have spent our summer soaking in the water until we have prune fingers and toes!! 
He also has been attending summer camp at our YMCA every week and gets swim time there every day too. His little best friend Elliott and him are giving the camp counselors a run for their money. Together they have their own little love language and are the silliest of boys when around each other. YMCA does a great job of making themes for each week that the kids will love.

 On Superhero day we wore our superman PJ shirt with shorts and joined all the other boys that were dressed just the same. Our superhero was a little grouchy that morning but as soon as he got to camp he ran right in. 

While we get to sleep in because camp doesn't start until 9 am, but that soon will change in August when we start school. We are so excited that Jack was accepted to The Regis School!

It is an all boys catholic school and starts at PK-3 and goes through 8th grade. 

So yep, we drank the private school koolaide ...very expensive koolaide at that...

But it has just what we were looking for, small class sizes and they cater towards how boys learn and develop. 

I thought it was really cute that they sent Jack this puzzle, and he totally loves it! It makes my heart pitter patter with all this school embodies
and we are happy that the school search and process is over for several years to come. 

 Look how he was reading that tiny little puzzle key to figure it out! So cute :)


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