Monday, July 8, 2013

4th Birthday celebrations!

 I think I might say this every year "How is my baby X years old already" ...but really how is he 4? He is such a smart cookie and he constantly has us laughing. This year it finally clicked on what a birthday was, and so Jack was REALLY excited for his birthday, in fact he had been asking for weeks what day it was every morning we would get in the car. The mental countdown to his birthday was certainly underway weeks before. He told us what type of party he wanted and even what type of toys he wanted to receive. Four years old comes with lots of fun and the ability for them to tell you what they want is pretty cool! So we planned his dream birthday....a bowling party...and did a little celebration on the actual day of his birthday.

 We love being able to facetime!

 The day of his birthday he opened his presents from us and his Grandparents...and he finally got his monster truck that he had been asking for! Awesome Grandpa!

After presents I look him over to play at his favorite indoor play gym for a few hours. 
 Then we got all spruced up with a new haircut...

 After our haircut, we were off to meet Daddy at the movies.....Monsters University came out just in time for a birthday movie! 

Jack was worn out from the fun but reminded us that his party wasn't over, he still had his bowling party to come... 



Jane said...

Happy 4th Birthday sweet Jackson!!! Can't believe our boys are 4! It's crazy how fast they are growing. He's so precious. Love that new haircut. xoxo

Maura said...

he is getting so big!!! love that little face!