Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bowling Bash : Jacksons 4th Birthday Party

 Jack never wavered on what he wanted for his 4th birthday party, a bowling party was on his radar and every time we asked he confirmed with the same answer. So we called up the bowling ally, put a contract down and started planning. I normally plan way in advance, but this year I really pushed it to the wire. However everything turned out adorable and I'm so thankful for my Mom coming early that morning to help set up! Jack was so happy to have all his best friends in one place and given that it was 100 degrees outside, it was one cool birthday inside!

 Once again I called up my friend The Crepe Confectionery to make the crepe poofs and his birthday hat. She has been making his birthday hats since his 1st birthday and I love them so much! Once I got her package in I was then able to bring out my hot glue gun and go to work with the quick and easy decor. 

 I took polka dot crepe and glittered ribbon hot glued them to these cute plastic scallop bins from Party City to make the table more interesting.
 I found printables on etsy and then took out my glitter and made the bowling balls more festive. I found these perfect aqua curly sticks in the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby (yes Christmas is already out!)
 Party City had these mini trophies along with a candy section that is sorted in colors. So it was super easy to find candy to match our color theme.
  I happen to find a mini bowling ball set in the party favors section and purchased a few so that I could use the bowling pins through out the party. Here I hot glued them on the trophies. The kids LOVED these and it was cute to see them walking out of the party with them in hand.

Mom and I  packed up the goods and headed over on Sunday morning of June30th to the bowling ally. (How amazing it was to have his party at the end of the month of the 2nd quarter! No longer working means that it didn't matter when I planned his party, quarter end wasn't there to stress me out! It was really the best feeling!)

 We made sure to pre set up the lanes so that the kids would walk in and know exactly where to go :)

 Jackson wanted a Sponge Bob cake and I wanted bowling cupcakes, so we got both :)  I just did Kroger this year for the deserts, while I love Carrie Made the Cake, we are not planning a wedding every year and therefore we probably shouldn't spend wedding cake type of money on birthday cakes. So these did just fine and Jack loved it which is all that really matters anyways :)

 Jack arrived and was anxious to get his party started!

Those plastic bowling pins behind Jackson were the party favors. We put a tag on them that said Thanks for rolling by and inside the sipper was a free pass to come back bowling again.  

 I can't even look at this picture, I mean he looks like an adult!?! My little baby is growing SO fast!

 One check around to make sure everything was in order...and then our friends started to arrive!

 Happy Birthday Jack Jack!

 It was such a blast! I love all these tiny shoes and all the strikes they made!
 After the party we went home and the George family along with Mimi joined us. Our friends are so generous, thank you all for the fun times and the great birthday treats you gave Jack!
 I'm certain he will remember this day for a long time to come! xoxoxo



Jane said...

What a fun party!!! You outdid yourself. You are seriously missing your calling....party planning, I mean the kind where you get paid for doing it :).

Momma Wilson said...

Of course you could turn a bowling party into the cutest party ever! You have some serious skills and talent:)

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with Jane. Amazing party and so creative! Looks like everyone had a great time!