Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

I knew Kevin was the one for so many reasons but one of my top reasons was that I he would be the most amazing father. He continues to amaze me each day by his willingness to jump in and be the best father to Jack. He wasn't shy to changing the most unsightly diapers and as a Dad to a toddler he jumps right down on the floor to play trains or whatever game Jack wants to do. After he gets home from work he hardly has time to take off his work clothes because Jack is so excited to see his Daddy. 
Thank you Kevin for all that you do, for taking care of both of us the way you do and for loving us even in the poopiest of times. 
We love your laugh, smile, hugs and kisses!!

xoxoxo Jack and Mama

Daddy went and golfed yesterday and we didn't get home until pretty late, so when you don't have a card ready you make one right? 

So we woke up and went to find one of Dads old under shirts....

 ...and we built some roads on it

 ...and then I asked Jack what locations he wanted to put on his shirt and here is what we came up with...
 Spotty Gas Station
 HEB (yup we live in Texas when your 3 year old loves HEB, ha!)
and the other stops were: 
Hawaii Beach, our street, Snake Village (what?! but thats what Jack wanted!), Swing Park, and a parking lot
 After we were done we wrote Happy Fathers Day. We love you Dad (Jack wrote the DAD) and waited for him to come check out our card.

 Suprise Dad....our card has an added bonus! Put on your shirt and it instantly becomes a massage on your back from us racing the cars around :)

 Love these boys to the moon HEB and back...ha! xoxoxo



Anonymous said...

What a great way to get a "back massage"! Cars rolling over your back is fun!

donna said...

So sweet! I love the shirt and "massage" idea.