Sunday, May 26, 2013

VIP Birthday

Jackson's most favorite person had a birthday to celebrate...his Dad! Jackson really is so lucky to have such an amazing father who is so patient and does so much for him. He always puts Jack first and is the first one to help with anything he needs. 
When you are able to read through this Jack, I hope you see how involved your Dad is in your life, he is your biggest fan and I'm pretty sure you are his biggest fan too :) 

Grandma and Grandpa took us out for a bbq dinner and we were going to go hit up a local put put spot, but it had closed down. The next best idea was bowling! Jack had a few melt downs when we first arrived, his desire to be first and get strikes/spares was a little much. So after we level set his bowling reality... we all ended up having a great time for Daddys birthday :) 

We all got a laugh too when the birthday boy split his pants :) ha 
We love you Daddy!!


Daddy was so kind to let Jack win...though it was tough work with the gutter lanes up, he really had to try to let Jack win :)

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