Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beachin Time

Last weekend we packed up for a quick jaunt down to Galveston with Uncle Joe, Aunt Stacy and baby Ethan. The condo got a new mgmt company and a complete overhaul of furnishings, and we were all pleasantly surprised how nice it was updated!

 After a full day of swimming and eating good we decided to get a little crazy and go golf at 9 pm, Jack of course loved this idea!

 When we got home there was another little who was up partying too! Well actually maybe three if you include baby Emily who is on the way and due so very soon!
 The next morning we went out with Uncle Joe to fly kites and check out the ocean. It seems as if every year we have to re introduce the ocean to Jack. Just as he starts to love it again, the swimming season ends. Hoping that because we have a few trips planned he will get back to loving the ocean, but until then the pool does him just fine :)

 I love how he is using Kevin to not step on the
 finally he got in, but he then rushed back to the pool as soon as he could :)
 It isnt a trip to Galveston without a trip here :)

 Quick but fun trip to test the waters for our big trip to Hawaii next week!

 Oh and I had to write this down....
His new shark he called Heaven...which we were not going to get but this is how he got it...
Daddy looked at the price of the $9 shark and said Jack we really don't need this, Jack of course said he did, so Kevin told him if he left puppy lovie in the rack where shark was, he could then have shark (Kevin was thinking that he would never do it, so that we wouldn't have to buy shark). So with the most pitiful face he reluctantly put his puppy lovie in the rack and then grabbed shark. He looked up at his Daddy with big brown eyes and said but I really don't want to leave puppy here. Kevin and I both looked at each other and melted, we had no idea he would even consider leaving puppy but oh my sweet love he was going to....
 we of course got shark and made sure we didn't leave puppy behind. 
Sweet guy


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