Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mothers Day and End of School

 When we started Jack back at St. Martins I was so excited for his faith based education and sweet friends he would meet. I never imagined how strong the bonds would be and how my tears would flow on the last day of school this year. 

A few weeks ago his little class served all the Moms lemonade and cookies, complete with handmade flower pots for the table setting. They prepared a few songs for us and the entire class was just precious and so excited to serve their Moms!

He was really trying hard not to spill anything...his faces...just love him!

His PK 3 picture just melts my heart! He is growing so fast!
 All of his little friends and the best teachers to date. I love these ladies with all my being, they were so patient and kind with Jackson. They helped him be the best he could be each MWF. Such amazing teachers!
And this little guy. Jacks best friend Elliott. He talks about him non stop and it makes me sad that these two wont go to the same school forever together (though I'm certain the teachers are excited about that, ha!) They are the best of friends, and with that the best of trouble and laughs are followed often. We meet at the park after school and they are just so cute together. E's parents have a farm about 3 hours away from town and we hope to take them up on the offer to join them one weekend.
When we moved to Sugarland for a brief 8 months, they were away from each other and when Jack came back to St. Martins they picked right off where they left. 
We have some big news about Jackson's upcoming school years, but we are waiting on the official acceptance to give more details on that. :) 
Until then these two will be at camp together this summer causing all sorts of fun!


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