Monday, May 27, 2013

Hyatt Hill Country San Antonio

Daddy had a work conference on Friday in San Antonio. It was so nice for Jackson and I to be able to tag along and enjoy this amazing resort! After several recent hotel stays, its safe to stay our child is getting accustomed to the good life! We arrived late on Thursday night and got right to bed. Friday morning Daddy went off to his business and we went off to explore. It was overcast with rain periodically but we didn't let that stop us from taking it all in. This without a doubt is our new favorite quick getaway spot! 
So much to do and so many awesome activities for the kids to do, not to mention all in a beautiful setting!

We packed up and headed out with this cutie pie!
Arriving late, but cheers to the weekend!
 Given there was a little rain in the morning we decided to check out the activities first before getting in the pool.

First up was a letter to the troops (and we made an extra one for Daddy)


Then we patiently waited for the gummy bear hunt to begin. We were not sure what the gummy hunt would be, but didn't expect to have to dig our faces into pudding to find gummy bears. What messy fun!!

 I love this little picture while he waited for the camp leader to say GO!

Next we headed inside for face painting and bingo! Jackson got Shamu the whale painted on his hand and then won a round at bingo too!

He is sitting on the couch where he met a sweet little girl friend named Maddie, we ran into them throughout our time there and she was always asking Jackson what he was up to. So precious.

We decided it was time to eat lunch but saw that the Flow Rider had opened so Jack wanted to see the surf boy as he called him.

Lunch was pretty good! Though I cant stay it was a healthy salad, it was certainly delish!

After lunch we took a path that took us to the arcade, where they had about 15-20 games in a hidden back room. While I wish they were free it still was a nice escape from the rain!
If it wouldn't have been raining look how fun this is, for no cost you can pick out a bike and go ride around
The rain finally cleared for a little while so we went to the playground and joined in the fun! 

After the park we got to the our most favorite part of the resort, the amazing lazy river!
Jackson would not get out! He loved it!!

You can see him bobbing down the river in all these pictures :)

We were the first ones back in after the rain, so for a while we had the river to ourselves.
 The bottom is a green/black graphite so it makes it really feel like you are floating in a river!

Along the route there is an option to go through a short tunnel over to a warm pool that has basketball and volleyball set up. 
After convincing Jack it was time to get out, we cleaned up and headed out to drop him off at the kids club for a few hours while Mommy and Daddy had adult drinks and dinner together

Along our walk after dinner we listed to a band on the lawn and just relaxed while Jack was having fun at kids club. (They took him to do smores and the camp leader took a picture for us too!)
We picked up Jack from kids club and in true vacation luck for us the fun started to happen.........
We got back to the room and Jack was crying that his ear hurt him. So we quickly figured out that all the swimming must have lead to a swimmers ear or his previous ear infection he had a few weeks ago never went away. We once again called our family to the rescue and they called in a prescription for Jacks ear. 
It was a long night getting him to bed, but finally around 12 am he was asleep. However it didn't end there.....

We were all finally sound asleep when around 3 am we heard a very large storm roll in, Jack briefly woke up but went back to sleep. Then at 5 am we were jolted out of bed by a huge lightening storm  which some how triggered the fire alarm in our hotel. It wasn't quite the alarm type sound, yet it was a recorded voice that would repeat "attention please, attention please" followed by an announcement that we needed to calmly evacuate due to fire. Just as soon as we could pack up a few things we heard another announcement "attention please, attention please" but this time it was followed with the fire alarm was a false one and all was safe. Whew, right? Go back to bed, right?
No suck luck...
That ladies beautiful voice graced us for 1.5 hours. They couldn't figure out how to turn it off!! So we heard that message maybe 18 times, which always was then followed by another message that it was a false alarm. 
Needless to say we were not sleeping and we had resorted to some off the wall cartoons that were on at 5 am. Around 6: 30 am the annoyances stopped and we were able to get back to sleep, and finally woke back up at 10: 30 am. We checked out the news that morning to find there were major flooding efforts underway in certain parts of San Antonio. Not exactly what we were expecting over our trip, but we made the best of it and had fun! We certainly would return back, this time hoping for no fire alarms and maybe a longer stay to enjoy a little more! 
It was a quick trip but always entertaining!

Here are the bloopers from the night. Jack was just about fed up with the alarm so he covered his head, and well Kevin was thrilled I was taking a picture...ha

This is a picture of creative parenting skills at work...Jack didn't want to take his medicine for his ear so I saw the safe and knew his love for any numbers might get him to take his medicine...
It worked! He took it right away and then insisted he put stuff in our safe the entire time we were
Whatever works!

Good bye Hyatt, see ya next time!

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