Monday, April 8, 2013

Samurai Jackson

 I wrote a line on my facebook status which said "I love getting older, my friendships just keep getting better with age."  I am so grateful for every friendship we have as a family! I met Mandy over a year ago through mutual friends and she has turned into such a wonderful friend of mine. She is just adorable, single (I have no idea why!?) and so thoughtful and best of all loves our little Jack.
Kevin was playing in a golf tournament last Thursday when Mandy texted me about having dinner. She suggested hibachi, and I got really excited for Jack, as I myself had not been in years. Jack and I jumped in the car, headed over and met Ms. Mandy for dinner.

Jack was a big fan of the fire...

 but he loved it when he made a choo choo train and volcano out of veggies. We even had a game where he tossed some fried rice in our mouths! So so so fun!

 We called it a night, gave our hugs and headed home. When we got home Kevin was waiting to give Jack a bath. While they talked about their day together I heard Kevin say "Did you have fun with Ms. Mandy" , "What did you and Mommy go do" "Do you like Ms. Mandy" and after all that conversation together he looked up and said "Yes she is caaaauuuuuute" ha ha ha ha. Kevin and I about died! Such a flirt!
Thanks Mandy for a fun night


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