Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Morning

 Can you tell that we really do holidays big in this family!? We love to spend time with each other and I love making memories for everyone! Its a great time when you go to bed with a smile and your heart full!

This year Jack got full exposure from chapel at St. Martins to books from the library and talks over dinner  However when he woke up Easter morning the first thing out of his mouth was "lets go find the bunny." He picked up his ears that were in the hallway put them on himself with no request of us, and went on a search for the Easter bunny. While we are not sure what was going on in his sweet head it was really so cute to see him puzzled as to wear that bunny was.

 We just filled the basket with $1 toys and he was thrilled.
He wanted to go outside to play his "tennis" game as he called it. 
 I wanted to get him to pose for a picture and so we were trying to explain to him on what we wanted. I'm not sure if Kevin knows I took this, but I think its so so so funny. I cant be certain this picture will stay up long, so enjoy for now. ha ha

 After the morning fun, we got dressed and ready for family to come over for Easter lunch


 You guessed it, there was another egg hunt for Ethan and Jack :)

 We played a few games in our front yard and just really enjoyed the afternoon!


 We planned the day just perfect as after all the fun and games it started to rain, so we headed back inside and got ready to color Easter eggs.

 My mom was so kind to boil all the eggs ahead of time and get everything together for the boys to color eggs.

 Ethan wanted so badly to get in the mix! Looking forward to him joining in next year while the newest baby Emily (on the way!) watches on the sidelines.

 Whew what an amazing thankful for all the blessings we have!


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