Monday, April 8, 2013

Howdy Birthday Partners

Jackson's little pals Henry and Lizzie had their birthday party this past weekend!

 Katie put together such a darling hoe down for the kids! 
Her "grub" station for the popcorn "feed" was loved by all the kids, and I'm sure our buckaroo had several cookies and cupcakes to fill that potbelly of his own. ha


And whooo weee there were some mighty fine animals....from chicks, goats, bunnies to ducks and horses.

 These furry friends were petted (and squeezed with love) by all.

 Jacksons adorable cousin Ethan had a lickin' good time!

 Delicious sprinkle cupcakes from Frost ...yum!

 Lots of jumping from these two!

 After everyone parted ways, we headed for the prize gifts...Legos from Jack to Henry

and a necklace from Jack to Lizzie...
 ...and maybe a cute dress to go with it!
Happy Birthday to these little loves! What a boot scootin, kick your heels up good time!


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Lili said...

such a cute party!