Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our new house, the forever for a while...chapter

 Our story we thought would be simple, first we would get the courage to sell the house where Jack came home to us on Ingersoll, remember her?

 Then we would pack up and move into a beautiful new house in the burbs....
Our first hiccup in the plan was that our house on Ingersoll sold within a week, great for our investment but it made us homeless and so we turned to a rental house while our plans to build this beauty went underway.

 We spent countless hours picking out our selections for the new construction and driving back to the neighborhood daily to check on progress. But hiccup number two was that we kept getting delayed, as the builder couldn't keep up fast enough with the demands of people wanting to build in Riverstone.
 So we waited, and waited and waited some more, and then when it was time to put the first draw on the house down for our upgrades it hit, along with a few other decisions for our family, we decided we really missed the city and putting this money down on the house meant we were locked. We thought long and hard that night and made the call the next morning to the builder, explaining our thoughts and what they could do for us. Given they had not poured the foundation and that all we had in it was our earnest money they were so kind to say as long as they sell the house we would be granted a full refund of our money. It was not easy to pack our bags and put the thought of building a brand new home away, but I know as soon as we made that choice we instantly had relief amongst us. Maybe being in this rental home was how the plan should have been, maybe it was a trial of sorts to show us where we were really supposed to be. 
Either way we are on our way to closing on a home tommorrow that makes us all happy . We are extremely excited to find a forever home that we can settle in and call our own again. So while we don't plan to move into her until after the new year, this is what we have decided on. She has all the character that we loved about Ingersoll and we look forward to making this 3 bedroom 3 bathroom ranch home our new home.
Goodbye house hiccups. 

Welcome in!
 Formal Living
We will be making this a dining room 
Kitchen with island that stays with the house

  This will be another sitting room for us, since the pass through on the right goes to the kitchen, breakfast and family room I wanted it to be more open for Jack to run around.
This is the center of the house all the rooms face to the court yard, I want to put a fountain in the center :)
 Breakfast room
Family/Game room
Old Chicago brick for the floor of the family room and breakfast room (everywhere else is hardwood)
 Lots of storage in the family room for toys!

  Our bedroom, about the same size as Ingersoll was.
The upgrade for us will be elfa closet systems in all the closets throughout the house! Yay for organization!
Our bathroom off the master
  Jackson's room
Jackson's bathroom has the only tub in the house, and it happens to be a spa tub, we might just have to share!

The guest bedroom needs a little love, but we can give it via some paint and window coverings.
3rd bathroom
The laundry room has so much storage and even a ceder closet in the back...
 more storage in the laundry room, with a door leading to the garage.

While the backyard is not huge, it will work for us and Jack should be so excited for his very own play house tucked in the back!


If you exit our backyard through the gate and walk about 10 houses down you run into the playground and a beautiful creek just below the playground.
So very excited to close on this tommorrow and have the keys in hand!



Kristen said...

Love love love it!

Deidra Brown said...

Congrats on your decision. I understand totally how you felt about making the decisions. I sometime wished we would have done something differently. It's a very nice house.

Jane said...

It really is a gorgeous home!! You will love living there, and watching Jack grow up there. Good decision, Mama! Love you!!!!!