Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Baby

 We got invited to go meet Santa and the Mrs. on Sunday morning at Sugar Creek Country Club. Jack wasn't to sure about the man in the red suit at first, he hid behind Daddy for a while. That is until Santa pulled out some stickers and Jackson decided he would go sit for a while to get a sticker of his choice. While he didn't ask Santa for anything because he was a little shy, I made sure to let him know of allllllllll the things he has been asking for via the TV. He has now taken to those toy commercials made just for his age, and explains to us how he needs this and that and he would like money to go buy it. So now that Santa is fully aware of what is on that long list, I hope Jackson continues to be a good little boy so his stockings are filled up high (and we know they will no matter what! Such a spoiled little love!)

 With the Badeaux and Blackford family enjoying the holiday horse carriage around Sugar Creek.

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Meg O. said...

I swear that kid has the cutest outfits! Looks like fun!!!